3-4 coaching sessions + 2-and-a-half days of styling + custom tailoring and couture alterations
Email and phone support
With a bonus follow-up of 3 coaching sessions
Premiere quality before and after photography
(upon request)


This is the ULTIMATE makeover package for those who want to become all that they can be!

This package is for people who are seeking fulfillment in all areas of life—those who know that they can have it all but are aware that something is blocking them from experiencing it. This package comes with the extra one-on-one support you’ve always wanted. This is the opportunity to claim the star within you!

The Oscar is an unparalleled experience that will tap into your inner beauty, your inner star, and let your light shine brightly.


• This powerful package starts with THREE to FOUR coaching sessions before we move into our two-and-a-half days of styling. Inner change takes time, and these in-depth and nurturing coaching sessions will help boost your sense of confidence, transform negative belief systems, and shift your inner dialog about your body and life. (Coaching can be done in person, via phone or Skype.)

• We’ll start the first day with an intensive coaching session at my office or in your home (or hotel). We energetically set the tone for the rest of our Intentional Styling. This is a special and powerful time where we line up your inner experience (emotions, thoughts, spiritual attunement) before we set out to create the perfect outer experience (your wardrobe!). Because we’ve been coaching together for three or four prior sessions, we will have clarity and this session will turbo boost your inner intentions!

• After our morning coaching session, we set out for our first full day of Intentional Styling in Los Angeles—I’m also open to traveling to you. These custom experiences are catered to fit the needs of each individual client. We can shop together, or I can pull items to be tried on in the privacy of your home or in my office. We can also work with your existing closet. In addition to clothing styling, I have a team of makeup and hair stylists, photographers, trainers, and nutritionists that can be included in our schedule if you’d like. Each experience is designed specifically for you.

• Lunch breakout coaching where we do a mini-session to check in with both your inner and outer experiences.

• Because there is usually a lot to take in for one day, we head out for a second day of coaching, shopping and styling. On this day we may return to some of the pieces we viewed prior or view new collections. We will also complement your clothing choices with the perfect accessories.

• Many of my clients like to meet with my hair and makeup team* on the second (or third) day to create a full and transformative makeover. (Especially if you are preparing for a big event.)

• On our third morning, we usually head to the tailor* to ensure that all items fit like a glove! This bonus half-day is also an opportunity for us to refine and perfect every detail of your look.

• This package is perfect for preparing for a meaningful event such as your wedding day, a red carpet event, or a big date night. It’s also a good choice if you’d like to revamp your wardrobe with several new looks.

• Phone and email support is provided throughout the duration of this package.

The Oscar package is unlike anything you’ve imagined. It is a true luxury experience with undivided attention to both the inner and outer work that’s required to become the star of your own life.


(This package contains THREE TO FOUR one-hour coaching sessions before our styling days, another coaching session the morning of each of our styling days, TWO-AND-A-HALF days of styling and a trip to the tailor—styling sessions may be split up if desired. Phone and email follow-up and THREE bonus-coaching sessions are included after our makeover, and these can be used anytime within three months!)

* Tailoring, hair and makeup, or other additional services not included in package cost.

Investment: $3,000

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