A running shoe is prescribed to individuals suffering from one or more of the following feelings or experiences:
  • lethargy
  • distraction
  • wanting to “give up”
  • feeling stuck or confused
Prescription Running Shoe
Oh, inertia is an interesting earthly principle. A body or object in motion tends to stay in motion. So how does one move from stagnation (in mind, body, emotions, or spirit) to flow and movement? Running shoes! Running shoes have soles that are made to support and propel the physical body as it moves. Whether they're made of foam, silicon, air or gel, cushioning systems are one of the most important aspects of the modern running shoe. Long distance running requires dedication, and this shoe is designed to support an athlete to stay on course until she reaches the finish line. These shoes can also be used to remind non-marathon runners to remain dedicated to whatever goal line they intend to cross—be it literal, metaphorical or simply a deadline.
Wear may incite boundless energy, confidence and staying power. May lead to unwavering leadership abilities and dedication. Overuse may create a surplus of accomplishments on the worldly plane.


If you are looking to stay energized, on track, and dedicated, a pair of running shoes is just what the doctor ordered.

We humans got sick of running around in bare feet sometime around 1895 when the British company J.W. Foster and Sons designed and produced the first shoes specifically for running. The shoes had spikes to allow for greater traction and speed. Shortly thereafter, an American company called the U.S. Rubber Co. developed the world’s first rubber soled shoes, which became known as the “sneaker.” In the 1970s jogging came into fashion, and with its rise in popularity came trainers specifically designed to support a runner’s foot.

Today, most running shoes have a flexible sole that’s made to absorb impact. Air, gels, silicon and foam are some of the technologies that are commonly used. Whether it’s the infamous “air pocket” created by Nike or the Gel system developed by ASICS, cushioning is the name of the game when it comes to running shoes.

A well-cushioned foot can stay in motion, even when the road ahead seems uncertain.  A running shoe provides stability, shock absorption and protection—all of which support wearers to remain dedicated until they reach their goal line, whatever that may be.