An embellished pump is prescribed to individuals suffering from one or more of the following feelings or experiences:
  • feeling ordinary or boring
  • feeling unseen, unheard, or invisible
  • fear of attention
  • feelings of unworthiness or lack
  • a poverty mindset
If there were a glamazon of the shoe world, it would most definitely be the embellished pump. The ultra glam heel is even more lavish when adorned with sequins, pearls or sparkles. An embellished pump has become a coveted status symbol seen on red carpets and black-tie events worldwide. Even the most unaffected woman can’t help but notice her inner movie star come out to play when she slips on a beautifully embellished pump.
Wear may create a sense of unparalleled glamour and luxury. May lead to standing out in a crowd and even being mistaken for a leading lady. Must be worn with caution around paparazzi and ex-lovers.


The embellished pump is symbolic of modern-day glamour. It invites us to live in a different world, one that is magical, sparkly and a little bit mysterious.

During the 16th century, European royalty wore high­-heeled shoes to make them appear larger than life. The term “well-­heeled” implied that the wearer was wealthy and held a place of authority. The higher the stilts, the more luxurious your life was. They also served a practical purpose in preventing women’s dresses from getting muddy.

Roger Vivier came onto the scene with his three-inch stiletto designs for Christian Dior in the mid-1950s. Like Dior, the designs were lavish, jewel adorned, and ultra-glam.

Christian Louboutin is credited with bringing back the stiletto heel in the 1990s with his infamous 4” red-soled heels, the price tags for which are almost as steep as their heel height. Louboutins have become status symbols, even if they are impossible to wear for more than a few hours. But hey, who ever said glamour was practical (or comfortable)? Especially when they are this pretty…