A cowboy boot is prescribed to individuals suffering from one or more of the following feelings or experiences:
  • dishonest and/or deceptive behavior
  • stretching the truth
  • insincerity
  • lying to self or others
  • inability to speak one's truth
Prescription Cowboy Boot
The cowboy boot—also known as the western boot—is prescribed for individuals who want to create more honesty in their lives. Cowboy boots are riding boots with a high shaft, no laces, stacked heels and leather soles. The most classic design has a narrow, pointed toe, but modern styles offer a variety of toe shapes, varying from extremely pointed to round. Western boots are most commonly made from leather but are occasionally crafted from snake, alligator, ostrich and other exotic animal skins.
Wear may create an increase in sincerity, integrity, moral character, truthfulness, loyalty and straightforward conduct. Be especially sensitive while posting social media comments while wearing; may cause overly candid posts.


When in doubt, let your cowboy boots do the talking. Their straightforward ways are bound to keep you on the right side of the law and in the good graces of your mate.

A cowboy’s code is based on telling the truth and never going back on one’s word. It’s an attitude of integrity, a way of living and doing things in an honest, courageous, and fair way. A man’s word is his bond, and a handshake is a binding agreement. Garth Brooks once said, “I like the cowboy thing. To me, cowboys are honest. Cowboys are real. It’s all the ‘­ites’: integrity, responsibility. Honesty. I sing about cowboys and I try to get as true as I can.” Cowboys appreciate simplicity. They take on a lifestyle that relies on hard work, and that ethic extends to how they see the world and treat others. Speaking directly and truthfully is expected in the western cowboy culture. A crooked cowboy isn’t much of a cowboy at all—in fact, he’s an outlaw. Genuine cowboys inherently know the difference between right and wrong and live their lives accordingly.

The cowboy boot is an essential tool in a cowboy’s life. The boot is worn while tending cattle; the sturdy design protects the rider’s feet and ensures a solid grip in stirrups. While the lifestyle of a cowboy may not match most urban ladies’ day-­to­-day, a good pair of cowboy boots can go a long way in a concrete jungle. If the government imported a few thousand cowboy boots to Wall Street, I daresay we might notice a shift in “business as usual.” (Okay maybe that’s stretching it, but you get my point!)

Honesty - Cowboy boots

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