A peep toe is prescribed to individuals suffering from one or more of the following feelings or experiences:
  • feeling emotionally closed off
  • needing protection
  • afraid of getting hurt
  • feeling attacked or wronged
  • a sense of vulnerability
Prescription Peep Toe
There are times in life when it’s natural to want protect yourself, but a small “peep” or opening at the toe of your shoe encourages one to maintain an open heart (even in the darkest of days). The Peep Toe has an opening at the toe-box that exposes the toe line. A hint of skin makes the peep toe chic yet subtly provocative. A peep toe is common in many shoe styles, including slingbacks, pumps, platforms, and booties. A peep toe assists one in remaining open to love in all forms while providing a substantial degree of protection and security (physically and emotionally).
Wear may create a sense of connection, trust, and openness. May lead to falling head over heals in love with oneself or another. Must be worn with caution while vacationing in Las Vegas!


If you want to safely walk in the world while maintaining an open heart, the peep toe is the shoe for you!

The peep toe shoe made its debut in the 1930s when glamorous stars like Greta Garbo wore them to show off just a hint of toe. Since then, the peep toe has become a flirty and classic staple in most women’s closets.

The peep toe arose at a time when people needed a reason to maintain an open heart. The Great Depression began in America, and the radical political movement of the Nazi party came into power in Germany. I feel it was a time when both men and women wanted to believe in the possibilities of the heart – so much so that fashion reflected this desire with emerging designs such as the peep toe shoe.

A peep toe provides a strong degree of foot protection, while reminding its wearer to maintain an open heart, mind and spirit. Love is the answer, and the peep toe acts as a totem of that intention.