A slingback is prescribed to individuals suffering from one or more of the following feelings or experiences:
  • feelings of displeasure
  • sour relationships with self or others
  • self-criticism
  • negative attitude
Prescription Slingback
The sweetest shoe of them all is the slingback. And when I say sweet, I mean it. The shoe’s ladylike form is romantic and flattering rather than aggressively sexy, which makes it an appropriate choice for various occasions. Slingbacks are characterized by a strap around the back of the ankle in place of the quarters.
Wear may inspire playful, affectionate feelings that bubble outward into the world. Sour attitudes may dissolve into the nothingness from which they came.


Move over sourpuss attitude, the slingback has arrived. Get ready to take on the playfulness of the sweetest shoe in town. The scrumptious slingback has an open back with a strap around the heel. The straps are usually adjustable through a buckle or elastic that allows the wearer to slip her foot into the shoe without making adjustments. A slingback strap is distinguishable from an ankle-strap in that the latter completely encircles the ankle. The slingback is famous for making a woman’s leg appear longer and thinner in a romantic, ladylike manner.

Slingbacks are usually considered a sandal (though many styles come with a closed or peep-toe that make them more shoe-like). Slingbacks are available in many heel types ranging from a stiletto heel to a thick wedge with heights ranging from none to high.

Women were fist introduced to the sweet nectar officially known as the slingback in 1939. However, many fashionistas were skeptical because the heels of their stockings (which were commonly worn) showed. DuPont invented nude stockings (without reinforced heels) in the same year, which I see as no coincidence. Women quickly adopted the slingback, and the style has been extremely popular, in various variations, ever since.

If you’re looking to experience some sweetness in your life, slide on a slingback and revel in its subtle deliciousness. Now that’s sweet!