Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about working with me:

When I started working with Shannon I was challenged in several areas of my life: career, health, love life, you name it… After coaching together for a year and doing an inner/outer makeover package, I’m living a completely different life. I’ve moved across the country, started a thriving business and am happily dating. I have this new desire to get out into the world literally, no longer happy staying home and curling up on the couch, but wanting to go out and see and be seen! I have more energy, have lost weight without trying, take better care of myself mentally, and I can finally see my body as sexy in clothes!!!! Working with Shannon has been nothing short of a miracle.
– Sesha Loop, Retoucher


I came to life coaching after a friend promised me that talking to Shannon was the best gift I could possibly give myself. The results are amazing. If you have the chance to work with Shannon, you should do it.
– Kate Sullivan, Television Producer


This afternoon I got to write the words “THE END” on page 633 of my book… I finally have a finished draft! I honestly credit coaching with Shannon for helping me achieve this goal since I have been more productive the past several months than I have been in the past several years. Thank you so much, Shannon.
– Julia Wall, Author


Coaching with Shannon was invaluable for implementing a much-needed self-care plan and for helping me see where I have been limiting myself. I even got married! It is an amazing energy that can carry you to greatness. Thanks, Shannon!
– Jennifer Kelley, Post Partum Doula


Shannon is not just a life coach, but a therapist, spiritual guide and trusted advisor. I couldn’t have written my doctoral thesis without her, and I am forever grateful.
– Dr. Jill Harrison, L.Ac., D.A.O.M.


My work with Shannon has been a positive and uplifting experience for me in both personal and professional areas of my life. Before a session I have often felt overwhelmed or anxious, and I always leave with a sense of calm. Shannon is my “success team.”
– Mia Wiesner, Designer


Shannon has helped me find the real me. I had always been overwhelmed in taking steps to move forward, but Shannon helped me plan simple, structured, daily tasks – the tools I have desperately needed. I am now in the process of beginning a new chapter in my life. I know I couldn’t have done this without Shannon!
– Branden Pearl, Teacher


With Shannon Bindler’s help I was able to take my writing career to a new level, which included earning more and becoming published with major magazines and publishers.
– Ayn Carrillo-Gailey, Author, Columnist and Content Strategist


At a time when I felt the ground had been taken out from under me, Shannon gave me the tools to rebuild my own ground. She helped me focus on the positive but was never afraid to ask the hard questions. I learned more about myself in just a few sessions than I had in a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
– Annie Stella, Musician


Life coaching with Shannon is something to look forward to. She helps me to pinpoint what my priorities truly are, then design action plans to set achievable objectives in the right order. I now feel confident there is a way to create time to fulfill my aspirations in an ordered and easy manner with her guidance.
– Mileece Petre, Sonic Artist